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Student Achieves Historic Success in Artificial Intelligence

Meet the exceptional achievement of the eleventh grader from the First Private High School of Mathematics Reni Paskaleva, who recorded her names among the authors of an article in CVPR – the most authoritative scientific conference on artificial intelligence and computer vision in the world.

The First International AI Olympiad Gathers the Elite of Academia in Bulgaria

Learn more about the first International Artificial Intelligence Olympiad, which will be held from 9 to 15 August in Burgas with the participation of some of the most prestigious universities in the world. So far, more than 40 countries have expressed interest, and most of them have already registered to participate in the event.

In the new issue we also look at the launch of BgGPT – the first available artificial intelligence in Bulgarian. We also present you an interview with Ognyan Apostolov, founder of the first Bulgarian social network “The Network”, in which he shares his experience and vision for the future of social networks in Bulgaria.

In the section “Civic Initiatives” you will find information about the newly opened museum of electronic waste, which shows iconic smartphone models from the past. Also there you can read about the latest initiative of the “How to write?” foundation, which aims to prepare graduates for the exams through social networks.

More are waiting for you – inspiring stories about the school in the village of Dermantsi, which has become an innovation laboratory and how eleven Bulgarian schools created an entrepreneurship innovation laboratory.

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